Get the loan you need, no matter your credit score, and get out of debt.

Debt can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to get out of it and get ahead of your finances.

A debt consolidation loan combines your debt into a single payment, making it simpler to manage your monthly debt expenses. But if you’re fretting over your credit score blocking the way to approval, don’t stress. These loan marketplaces specialize in matching poor-credit borrowers with the lenders that will work them.

Guide to Lenders

All credit scores

Loan amount: From $1,000

APR: Starting from 4.99%

Speed is the name of the game with Guide to Lenders, whose turnaround time can be as quick as one day after approval. So if you’re in need of a loan now, whether it’s for medical bills, debt consolidation, or anything else, they’ve got you (quickly) covered.

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All credit scores

Loan amount: From $5,000

APR: Starting from 3.99%

As an online marketplace, LendingTree is the best place for borrowers looking to browse and compare. With a large network of lenders, they’re the ideal site to find a loan that fits exactly your needs.

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Take your pick with dozens of loan lenders through LoansUnder36’s vast network of partners. With just one streamlined application, you could be on your way to taking control of your finances.


Minimum credit score: All credit scores

Loan amount: From $1,000

APR: Starting from 5.99%


So no matter how much you need to borrow, what your credit score is, or what you need a loan for, there’s a lender that will work for you.