A lot can change over the years, so why shouldn’t your mortgage?  

When you first applied for your mortgage, whether it was from a traditional bank or an online lender, you were evaluated on a number of criteria, including: credit score, annual income and down payment.

Over the years you may have landed a higher-paying job and gotten your credit card debt in order - all while earning precious equity on your home.

Refinancing your mortgage is like hitting the “reset” button. If your financial circumstances have changed since you first took out your mortgage, it’s time to consider refinancing. Your loan terms should reflect your current goals and budget.

If you apply for mortgage refinancing and can get a rate for at least half a percent less in interest than what you're currently paying, you could end up saving thousands of dollars in interest over the lifetime of your loan.

For the best online lenders, start with these industry leaders:

1. Quicken Loans

Over 2 million Americans have trusted Quicken Loans to finance their homes.

  • Real-time quotes
  • Custom fixed-rate terms between 8-30 years
  • Refinance loans approved in minutes

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2. LendingTree

Streamline the mortgage refinancing search process by instantly connecting to LendingTree's network of 250 lenders.

  • All credit scores
  • 15-30 year fixed-rate refinance loans
  • Fixed rates as low as 3.75%

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3. LoanDepot

Dedicated loan officers guarantee a personalized mortgage refinancing experience

  • Fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages available
  • FHA and VA-backed loans
  • Over 150 loan stores nationwide

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When comparing your mortgage options, pay close attention to the interest rate and loan term to guarantee you make the most out of your savings.

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